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Telecommunications Return to IBM Industries

Today, an effective communication system is a key component of economic and industrial growth, and an integral facilitator of socio-economic advancement. Broadband is becoming the great equalizer. Changes in technology and customer behaviour are reshaping the communications landscape.

Telecommunications Features

Ready for Anything (PDF, 751KB)

In an industry where change is the only constant, communications service providers are preparing for battle.

Communications spending priorities, perceptions, expectations and attitudes of today’s smarter consumer (PDF, 1.37MB)

New views from the 2011 IBM Global Telecommunications Consumer Survey.

Intelligent site operations for telecommunications
(PDF, 118KB)

Optimize operations and energy use.

CEO Study Telecom Industry Edition (PDF, 266KB)

The Enterprise of the Future: Global CEO Study.

Case studies


Welcome to Smarter Communications

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What are you doing to become a smarter communications service provider?

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Watch this video and see some practical examples where IBM helped Communications Services Providers become smarter.

Telco 2015 (PDF, 1.72MB)

Five telling years, four future scenarios

The telecommunications industry was already in the midst of a redefining shift in consumer preferences, business models and infrastructure development prior to the global economic crisis.

Faced with structural challenges in declining voice revenues, a maturing mobile industry and increased competition from new entrants, the industry finds itself in dire need of new models for growth. But a number of key variables cast a cloud of uncertainty around the industry’s future requiring telecom providers to prepare for several possible scenarios and outcomes.

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Smarter communications

Communications providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business.

Social Business

The world now spends more than 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites per month.

IBM at 100

Discover how forward-thinking leaders, our clients and the IBMers who work with them, are helping to make the world work better.

IBM Virtual Briefing Centre

Discover new solutions to your industry challenges.
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IBM SmartCloud Virtualised Server Recovery

Improved server recovery reliability and shorter recovery time.