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What if your data could help create campaigns that target the right customers with the right products?


A leading telecommunications/ICT services company deploys predictive modeling to guide marketing decisions, increasing customer response rates by up to 1,000 percent.



Deployment country:
The Netherlands

Case study

The Opportunity

With more than 30 products and over a million business customers, a telecommunications company needed to find out how to best allocate its marketing budget to maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities.

What Makes It Smarter

By mining previously untapped customer data and developing predictive models, a telecommunications company is discovering new insights into which of its products will most likely appeal to which customers. These models can also be united in a single overall model in which customers can be accurately segmented and then analyzed. This approach is enabling the company to create marketing campaigns that specifically target certain customers, increasing the campaigns' potential effectiveness. Marketing budget dollars are now being allocated more intelligently based on data. Providing people with the services they want is increasing both customer loyalty and the company’s profitability.

Real Business Results

Solution Components

This new tool is helping us find new ways of identifying opportunities to increase revenues from new and existing customers. The intelligence garnered from this predictive model provides us with the guidance we need to allocate our marketing resources most effectively.

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