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Past Featured Professionals

I have always looked for ways to solve problems in my work environment, finding new ways to optimize the effort required to accomplish the business goals. Once I had obtained the IBM certifications I have increased my knowledge in process and tools, that result in amazing skills with great benefits for everyone.

Jeremy Marck Villanueva (June 2015)

Certified professional with strong background in all fields required to successfully deploy IAM solutions. Working with Tivoli solutions since 1996, I have acquired world wide experience and accomplishments.

Ronivon Candido Costa (April 2015)

I have always had an interest in computer infrastructures and I have therefore dedicated my IT career to this specific area for over 14 years. Pursuing certifications in various fields such as servers, storage and Cloud has made me learn skills which I might not necessarily use day to day. I have had many infrastructure based roles in the past and I currently work for IBM as an Infrastructure Architect.

Daniel A Loftus (March 2015)