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Inside the Midmarket. A 2011 Perspective.

Inside the Midmarket. A 2011 Perspective.

Where are midsize companies investing and why?

As economies around the world continue their steady recovery, how are midsize firms positioning themselves for success in the face of new challenges and opportunities? To find out, we surveyed 2,112 business and information technology decision makers at midsize businesses around the world. The result is Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective. The study reveals the purchasing patterns, business issues and technology challenges that affect the investment strategies of midsize firms.

When we surveyed midsize businesses 18 months ago, the vast majority were most concerned with cost and efficiency. Today, it's a much different picture. With healthier budgets and a stronger outlook, 80% are shifting their strategic mindset to focus on how to grow, how to connect with customers and how to innovate.

With the internet and globalization, the world continues to become smaller, flatter and smarter. This creates enormous opportunity for midsize firms. At the same time, powerful technologies have become affordable and widely available.

For example, business analytics and predictive technologies that were once reserved for big companies with big budgets are now easy to use and very affordable. In light of that, we found that 70% are actively pursuing business analytics to gain greater insights from the mountains of data being generated. In addition, we found that 66% are embracing the benefits of cloud computing to optimize costs and redundancy while increasing uptime and scalability.

To advance these priorities, we found that more than 70% are seeking local business partners with industry expertise and staying power for more of a consultative – versus a purely transactional – relationship. We also found that more than half expect a technology budget increase this year to fund their transformation efforts.

In our increasingly intelligent, instrumented and interconnected world, midsize businesses are finding new ways to use information and technology to be smarter about the way they work, the way they invest and the way they interact with their customers.


Explore the data in our Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective report to gain valuable insight into the business issues, technology challenges, and investment priorities of midsize businesses.


Listen to Andy Monshaw, General Manager, IBM Global Midmarket, review the study findings in the context of today's new economic environment.

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